Before & After Photo Gallery

Almost everything on a blind or shade can be repaired. I repair all types of blinds: Pleated Shades, Wood/Faux Wood Blinds, Roman Shades, RV Day/Night Shades, Venetian Blinds, Honeycomb/Cellular Shades AND I have even found a way around the mechanism in the “Big Name Brand” no string shades.

Things that can be fixed/replaced: Tilt Gears, Broken Slats, Broken Strings/Ladder Strings, broken cradles and drums (parts up in the top bar) and many types of repairs to RV Day/Night Shades. These are just a few of the common problems I run across.

bent slat b&a
Replaced Bent Slat
crushed b&a
Plastic Guide That Material is Attached to and Goes Into Bottom Bar
damaged material b&a
Torn and Damaged Material
day-night b&a
Blind Jammed at Middle Bar Due to Shifting of the Spring in Top Bar
ladder-string b&a
Broken Ladder String
saved string b&a
Blind Strings Over Tensioned and Sawed Through the Plastic Bar in Bottom Rail
tear b&a
Plastic Piece That Material is Attached to in Middle Bar Pulled Out and Damaged
wood blinds b&a
Restring Wood Blinds